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Code Test Sample required
H01 Biopsies Tissue in formalin
H02 Surgical resections (non-oncological) Tissue/organ in formalin
H03 Surgical resections for cancer (oncological) Tissue/organ in formalin
H04 Bone biopsies Bone biopsy/ bone marrow biopsy


Code Test Sample required
ER/PR/Her2 Estrogen receptor (ER),

Progesterone receptor (PR),

Her2 neu receptor (Her2 neu)

Blocks from breast tumor/ breast tumor biopsies / mastectomy specimen
Individual markers (as requested) Blocks/ biopsies/ resection specimen
IHC custom Custom IHC panel (includes any number of markers as deemed necessary by the pathologist for cancer diagnosis) Blocks/ biopsies/ resection specimen


Code Test Sample required
FNAC Fine needle aspiration cytology Procedure performed by our pathologists/ slides accepted
CM Fluid cytology for malignant cells CSF, Pleural fluid, Ascitic fluid, Peritoneal fluid, Sputum, Bronchial wash, Bronchioalveolar lavage (BAL), other
CC Fluid for cell count, cell type and biochemical evaluation CSF, Pleural fluid, Ascitic fluid, Peritoneal fluid, Bronchioalveolar lavage (BAL), other
AFB Sputum AFB for tuberculosis Sputum, (bronchial wash, Bronchioalveolar lavage are also accepted)
PAP Cervical cytology (PAP smear) – conventional Cervical smear, vault smear slides (conventional)


Code Test Sample required
IgG DIF for IgG Kidney/ skin biopsy in normal saline*
IgA DIF for IgA Kidney/ skin biopsy in normal saline*
IgM DIF for IgM Kidney/ skin biopsy in normal saline*
C3 DIF for C3 Kidney/ skin biopsy in normal saline*
DIF-C Complete DIF panel (all inclusive) Kidney/ skin biopsy in normal saline*
*Biopsy specimen should preferably reach laboratoey within 2 hours of biopsy in normal saline to prevent onset of autolysis


Code Test Sample required
CBC Complete blood count Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
Hb Hemoglobin Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
TLC Total leucocyte count Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
Platelet Platelet count Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
PBF Peripheral blood film Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
CBC+PBF CBC with PBF Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
BC & TG PBF for band cells and toxic granules Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
MP PBF for malarial parasite (MP) Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
AEC Absolute eosinophil count Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
Retic Reticulocyte count Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
CRP C-reactive protein – quantitative Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
ABO/Rh ABO/Rh blood group typing Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
PT/INR Prothrombin time & INR Blood (in sodium citrate tube)
BM BONE MARROW Procedure done by pathologists/ slides also accepted
Hb electro Hemoglobin electrophoresis
Blood (5 ml) in EDTA anticoagulant


Code Test Sample required
Ur Urine routine examination Fresh urine
UrR Urine for reducing substances Fresh urine
StR Stool routine examination Stool
StP Stool for parasite Stool
StO Stool occult blood Stool
SM Semen analysis Fresh ejaculate


Code Test Sample required
Diabetic profile
FBS Blood Sugar (venous blood) – Fasting Blood (preferred fluoride tube/ clot activator)
PPBS Blood Sugar (venous blood) – Post prandial Blood (preferred fluoride tube/ clot activator)
RBS Blood Sugar (venous blood) – random Blood (preferred fluoride tube/ clot activator)
HbA1c HbA1c Blood (in EDTA anticoagulant)
ACR Urine albumin/creatinine ratio Urine
Liver function tests
LFT Complete liver function tests Serum
Bil Serum bilirubin (total, indirect and direct) Serum
Alb Serum albumin Serum
ALP Alkaline phosphatase Serum
ExLFT Extended LFT (LFT with Gamma Glutamyl Transferase) Serum
Renal function tests
RFT Complete Renal function tests Serum
Creat Serum Creatinine

(Enzymatic method)

BUN blood urea nitrogen Serum
Ur acid Uric Acid Serum
Cal Serum Calcium Serum
Phos Serum Phosphorous Serum
Na/K/Cl Electrolytes (sodium/potassium/chloride) Serum
ExRFT Extended RFT (RFT with electrolytes) Serum
Lipid profile
Lipid profile Complete lipid profile (including HDL, LDL & VLDL) Serum
Chol Serum Cholesterol Serum
Trig Serum Triglyceride Serum


Code Test Sample required
Thyroid function tests
TSH TSH (3rd generation ultrasensitive) Serum
T4 Thyroxine Serum
T3 Triiodotyronine Serum
FT4 Free T4 Serum
FT4 Free T3 Serum
TFT TSH, T3 & T4 Serum
TFT-f TSH, FT4 & FT3 Serum
Hormones (infertility work up)
E2 Estradiol Serum
Prog Progesterone Serum
FSH Follicular stimulating hormone Serum
LH Luteinizing hormone Serum
Cort Cortisol Serum
B-HCG Beta- Human chorionic gonadotropin Serum


Code Test Sample required
PSA Prostate specific antigen Serum
CA-125 CA-125


CA-19.9 CA-19.9 Serum


Code Test Sample required
MP Malarial parasite Serum
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus rapid screening test Serum
HBsAg Hepatitis B virus surface antigen Serum
HCV Anti-hepatitis C virus antibody Serum
Typhi-dot Typhi-dot Serum
Dengue Dengue Serum
Chikungunya Chikungunya Serum


Code Test Sample required
Vit D Vitamin D Serum
Vit B12 Vitamin B12 Serum
RA Rheumatoid factor (qualitative) Serum